The PDS800 Newton DC Powered Garage Door Operator

With a DC drive motor for smooth, quiet, long-term reliable performance.

We begin every job with a 25-point inspection, so you can be confident that you'll know exactly what the problem is with your opener before having to make a decision. Call Precision today and get your garage door needs covered!

The PDS-800 Garage Door Opener

The energy-efficient, DC-powered operator that runs at an AC-equivalent speed. DC drive motor with soft-start and soft-stop for smooth, quiet, long-term reliable performance.

Warranty: Precision offers a lifetime warranty on the motor and the belt. If your motor has a problem, we're not going to just fix it. We're going to take it down and give you a brand new one. If you can find a motor with a better warranty- buy it!

Selected Features

Eco-Friendly Efficient design results in ongoing energy savings.

Ultra-Smooth and Quiet Operation Variable speed operation delivers ultra-smooth, quiet performance, increasing long-term reliability.

Safety First, Safety Always If the obstacle-sensing beam is crossed when the door is closing, the door reverses to fully open.

Park or Reverse Door To permit both ventilation and access, the garage door can be stopped and parked during either upward or downward travel.

Secure, Responsive Remote Control Linear remote controls operate over a long range and employ high-security technology.

Deluxe Wall Station All controls are large, clearly marked and illuminated (door UP/DOWN control, courtesy light switch, and vacation mode).

Automatic Courtesy Light A built-in 100W MAX light illuminates the garage for five minutes every time the operator is used.

Easy Door Release When you need to open or close the garage door manually, simply release the operator's quick-disconnect trolley.

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